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Taylor Brandon

Taylor Brandon Created By Taylorâ„¢

Taylor Brandon grew up in Connecticut where he studied Anthropology, Zoology & Geography, earning a bachelor degree. Combining his unique fields of study with his artistic talents Taylor created and wrote the Upside Down Animals children's stories. The series is a showcase of his talent, the incredible animal characters, energized tales, and wonderful universe all amusingly brought to life by his unique imagination and sense of fun.

Taylor Brandon is also a unique spokesperson for Upside Down Animals. His enthusiasm, contagious energy, and charisma, have already proved quite popular during guest readings and on Martha Stewart's television show.

Taylor on TV
taylor & Martha Stuart "They're charming and the children really do love them. I love them. I love the rhyming.They remind me, and they're not at all like Dr. Seuss, but they remind me of Dr. Seuss, the energy that's in these books. And I think that it's wonderful that here we are again with a series of books that will teach as well as amuse, as well as inspire... Each book really does teach a great lesson."

— Martha Stewart

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