Upside Down Ink is currently offering a unique investment opportunity.

Children's licensable characters generate enormous sums of revenue. Winnie the Pooh is a 6 billion dollar a year brand for Disney, generating nearly a quarter of Disney's revenue. (Pooh plush toys, Tigger tee shirts, Piglet lunch boxes, etc.) This Winnie the Pooh universe is composed of 7 licensable animal characters. Our Upside Down Animals universe consists of over 40 licensable animal characters, all linked by the same unique, fun, and memorable theme!

Upside Down Ink plans to emulate the Pooh type of character licensing success by using a qualified capital investment to produce direct-to-home DVD animated videos — based on the story books and their characters — publish a new edition of the children's books, and brand/advertise the Upside Down Animals property and its creator, introducing the public to our universe of characters via video animations and picture books.

Interested parties please contact us through the agent who introduced you to this investment opportunity or email us.

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