Upside Down Ink is a General Partnership of California, U.S.A. The company is a publishing house and production company, having created the Upside Down Animals series, the children's picture books all about animals who do the opposite of what they are famous for!


Taylor Brandon

Founder & CVO (chief visionary officer)

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Niko Zinovii

Co-Founder and CEO

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Guy Scata

VP Sales & Marketing

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The company's founders Taylor and Niko, grew up together in Connecticut where they studied Anthropology, Zoology & Geography, each earning their bachelor degree in Anthropology; Niko later earning a MA in Economics. Combining their unique fields of study with their artistic and entrepreneurial talents Taylor and Niko formed Upside Down Ink, Taylor writing the Upside Down Animals children's stories, creating a wonderful universe of unique animal characters.

Guy, a life-long friend of the company's founders, witnessed the creation of Upside Down Animals, became a true believer, and joined the team. Guy has since placed an unwavering commitment behind the project, providing valuable logistic and marketing expertise, drawing from his education, (Bachelor degree in Business) and work experience, (Vice President of Sales for EDI EXPRESS.)


Joel Subach

Company Member

Joel, younger brother of the company's founders, has contributed significant time & energy toward the marketing of the Upside Down Animals children's book series.

Joel has a strong vocational background in business and a BA in Anthropology. He recently earned a Science Certificate from UCLA and is now pursuing a MS in Nano Engineering with a concetration in Bio-Nano Engineering (BNE).

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